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L2 classic for the first time

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Hi All,

    If you have tried Classic L2 before  then there are some key  of which will help you progress faster. This information will also be vital for players who are trying out L2 classic for the first time.
    Newbie Gifts

   One of the main things that  players should be aware of is that every  player gets a special "newbie gift" at various characters levels.   

    Tip; SAVE rune that you get at level 5 until much later levels.   


    When you reach level 20 you can take a quest from the Fishing Chief at Giran Wharf and receive a free 10 day fishing rod on completion. Takes like 2 mins to complete. While you are afk (but still logged into the game) your character can fish automatically (when activated near water while you have the rod equipped with BAIT and preferably some fishing SHOT) and will earn XP while you catch fish. The regular fish can be exchanged for buff stews (Vampiric Rage / Empower etc) and the "fresh" fish can be exchanged for +10% XP stews which you can sell (or use yourself) for extra income. You could also just sell all the fish you catch at the Monster Derby Track. The MDT is the location on Skelth where players set up their buy and sell shops.



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