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What are the benefits of OSRS gold?

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Mini-game: Battleship (searching for new titles, but battleship was the first that came to my head ) Objective: Destroy different ships and protected any loot they have. How to playYou set sail with your ship and you can sail into any waters in runescape. You may even have folks from the clan on-board shooting arrows and OSRS gold arrows at enemy ships if you do not have catapult(s) or cannon(s).

If your ship sinks that you don't shed any items you have on you personally, you just lose your ship. Then you have to re-build your ship or you can just rent one or purchase one from another player or NPC. In addition you get kill-points for killing other players ships in which you are able to purchase things for your ship like boards, navagators, sails etc.. Overall it sounds like a pretty cool skill. I'd love to hear any questions or suggestions which you have with this great new skill! Thanks!

I'm totally free to play and I have seen noobs at most of the good places to train atk. We want somewhere else to train someplace the noobs cant enter. So this is my idea. Lvl 70+ may earn a monster home for 25k. Each room can cause 10k. U want 70+ battle to make this house and more than 1000 total lvl to keep noobs out.

After u kill a monster they will drop magic orb. Then in monster home in a room besides entrance room u can use magic orb and RuneScape gold buy that npc will be in ur house. Each room has to contain exactly the identical npc. So room 1 can comprise lessers and space 2 can contain guards.


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