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Dear friends.

I’ll tell you a story about a taxi driver from Greece.

He began his journey on this project in March 2019. It was an Interlude server. The start was April 12th.
All people left in 1-2 weeks.
After this, he found the Classic server files.
We tested the WASD movement - a very strong desynchronization of the server and client coordinates.
We believe that the administrator uses the L2Scripts server files that are in the share.

From second hand we have information about this taxi driver.


Administrator Lies:

  • Start July: 2 fake big clans - only topics on the forum (Doggy and second - forum lost)
  • Start September: 1 fake big clans - only topic on forum

Start Nov - fiction: 

  • Fisher - dont known about Remorse
  • Tribunal - play on official server, dont go to Remorse
  • ROA - dont known about Remorse




About PTS fiction: press ingame Alt+B -> see Community Board with java-functions? Yes. Its no-PTS

Remorse dont want speak about it fiction,

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About "PTS" - it turned out that the java server files.
The admin cannot add the NPC on his own and asks the developer of his Java server
(i have more dialogs)


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