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Olympiad is Coming!

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Prepare your warriors, Olympiad will begin soon!
Are you ready to prove yourself and show L2Arena what you're made of?  This is your chance to defeat your biggest adversaries and claim Hero Status so everyone knows - YOU are the top player of L2Arena.club! 

-= Olympiad Begins Sept. 11, 2019 =-

Terms of enrollment for Olympiad
Here's the list of requirements to enroll for Olympiad:

  • Level 75+
  • Complete 2st class transfer


Enrollment for Olympiad
Olympiad is held from 20:00 - 01:00. GMT+2   (for 5 hours) on Wednesday and Saturdays.
You can enroll at Olympiad Manager's in any township from 20:00 - 00:40.
Olympiad matches are 1 vs 1 battles.
There are no more than 30 battles per week.

Grand Olympiad - matches
A battle takes 10 minutes. If you’ve registered for a battle, you’ll get a warning message before it starts. After 2 minutes the opponents are teleported to one of three possible stadiums (random).


Marks of Battle

The character who's got the Hero status, gets additional 300 points (Mark of Battle Mark of Battle  — 6000 pcs.), the Hero Cloak and an option to use 'Hero Weapon.

The bonus of 10 points is given to every player for 10 battles and 1 victory Mark of Battle Mark of Battle  — 200 pcs.

When the Olympiad is over, each participant gets a place in total ranking depending on how many points they have. All the participants are divided into categories. There's one rating for all classes, so if you're a Hero of your cl


-= Hero Status =-

When the Olympic cycle is over, Heroes are chosen. Heroes are chosen in each class among those participants who participated in more than 10 battles.

Those who have obtained the Hero status, get unique skills which will disappear if the status is lost next Olympiad round.

  • Heroes can use "Hero chat" (% to call).
  • Choose the "Receive Reward" option in the dialogue with a "Monument of Heroes" to get Hero's Cloak, Wings of Destiny Circlet, Hero weapon (once at your choice), and 1000 CRP, if your Hero character belongs to a clan.
  • The hero weapon and its active skills cannot be used in the Olympic matches. When you get teleported to arena, the weapon is unequipped automatically. during Olympic matches. After 2 minutes the opponents are teleported to one of three possible stadiums (random).

Let's see what you are made of!

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