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  1. Get ready for the ultimate journey! Join us as we take you through the evolution of Lineage 2 classic. We will re-introduce you to the original 2.0 Antharas where players will farm locations that feel like home until the next evolution is introduced. Antharas 2.0 (10 Days) We will begin our adventure at the origins of Classic 2.0 Antharas. You and your fellow adventurers will farm through Talking Island, Gludin, Gludio and beyond. Epic bosses like Antharas, Baium and the Queen Ant will be deep within their lair ready to challenge you and your group to the battle of a lifetime! Push forward in arms to grow strong up to a maximum of 80 level. Or, take your time and play with elpy outside Talking Island while you dip your toes in the water for a swim. This is your story and your journey begins here. Seven Signs (7 Days) New challenges and opportunities await! You will be able to master a completely new System of Attributes that is not similar to anything you have seen before and develop your Elemental Spirit, which will strengthen your attacking and defensive characteristics in hunting and in PvP! Goddard city is introduced alongside with several hunting zones for characters level 78 and higher: the good old Varka, Ketra, Hot Springs, the Garden of Beasts, and of course, unique natural locations where you can level your Elemental Spirits! Elemental Kings and Queens are already waiting for you in their lairs and ready to fight! Mighty creatures are incredibly strong, and even the most prepared group of players will have a tough time defeating them! Plunge into new Catacombs of Dark of Omens and Disciple’s Necropolis to challenge the bosses of the Seven Signs - Anakim and Lilith! A truly valuable reward will be awaiting you - special Anakim and Lilith Runes, worthy of only the most experienced players! As you continue your journey to greatness, you will find your abilities reach a limit at level 83. Latecomers to the game will still threaten your success as they seize the opportunity to catch up and defeat you. Beware of your foes development and focus on your goals to rule the land! Secret of Empire 2.9 (Full Release) The Imperial Prince Frintezza is the son of Emperor Baium. Challenge Frintezza and face off against his demonic minions and the Prince’s champion, Scarlet van Halisha. Scarlett van Halisha is notorious for charging into a fight and can take on multiple forms. Adventurers will need to employ a variety of strategies to defeat him. 11 S-Grade weapons, 3 S-Grade armor sets, and 3 S-Grade accessories will be added to the game. You can obtain them through upgrading A-Grade equipment or via crafting recipes. The Attribute System provides additional attack or defense bonuses through elemental properties. These bonuses are applicable to both PvE and PvP. The attributes are divided into four properties: fire, water, wind and earth, and are managed in the form of an elemental spirit. This system can be used at Level 76 with the completion of the Third Class transfer. Hunt in the attribute elemental property hunting zones to level your elemental spirit. The elemental hunting zones are: Hunting Zone Attribute Attribute XP Earned Forge of the Gods Fire Water Garden of Eva Water Earth Land of Winds Wind Fire Wall of Argos Earth Wind These hunting zones will also have special raid bosses that have a chance to drop spirit necklaces and can be defeated 10 times to earn a spirit Agathion. Join with your clanmates to enter special instances for epic bosses and clan arena! Your path to dominate the land is vast and your enemies are plenty. Fight your way to the top and make your legacy one for the ages! See you on the battlefield of L2Arena! Launching August 23rd, 2019
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