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  1. i believe all clans read forum so you cant find any clan now for what you just did or just some low without big actions
  2. stealing drop from epic = you are mental retarded .. just go play some single player if you are not human ...
  3. lol man you just come on server after the problem ... how can you ask for reward that was for ppl that died many time that day because of big freezes or disconects. just be a man and play
  4. wrong cuntdown server start in 52 minutes not in 1h and 52 mins
  5. but if you look on site you can see diferent time on counter ... counter say that it will start at 21:00 GMT +2 because right now GM +2 is 15:22 and counter say 5:37 to start
  6. ah .. just another insulting boy ....
  7. not sure if its new feature or bug but war chant can be used in same time with earth chant ... on other chronicles they overrride
  8. missing doin my own schemas for buffs ... buffing one by one is crazy
  9. ok with help of @Admin solved thanks for you answer btw . Problem was that i was runing Visual studio ( Coding IDE) .. just if someone will have same problem so he dont need to test everything
  10. ye makin time between .. lets say 19:00-21:00 will make it more suitable for all countries i think because for ppl on west it will be a bit earlier .. but still not in the morning and for countries on east it will be a bit late but still not after midnight or smth like that.. but its just my opinion ... can mby help to get bigger fights for this bosses
  11. normal time ? where are you from ? brazil or portugese ? think what time have ppl from moscow ... mby about 1:30 in the night ? wtf is this ? server europe make some normal europe time for spawn ... 20:00 or smth like it
  12. Hello actualy i have problem after clicking l2.exe runs init process to check files in l2 arena folder it says everything is ok and rdy to play game but game never opens ... someone else was facing same problem and solved it ? how ? thanks for help
  13. 22:30 seems a bit late .. even for europe and dont even talk what time is it for russian ppl this is very big adventage for ppl from united states or west europe
  14. did you create an acc on website ? there is no auto create
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