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  1. +++ plus plus plus ++++++++++++++++++++++ all the way plussssss ++++++
  2. can u at least read? or are you totally illiterate ? you are basically ignoring everything im saying and go on the same dumb rant. its a waste of time and silly to have a debate with you about something i repeated myself 4 times..Period, BYE
  3. Are you autistic? Cause why the fuck is it so hard for you to grasp how unfair this is into your soft brain? Who wants to grind 10kkk adena for talisman/cloth and something that is easy to obtain by people who already have the gear, you give newbies a huge gap of growth..PLEASE tell your monkey brain to shut the fuck up.
  4. and you want me to believe you grind that much adena and bought it lol fuck ata here bitch ! And as I stated before, the only people who have an issue with this are people who have the gear already. Shame on you, get a clue and snap out of your shit cause this ain't your motherfucking issue go yell at your mama for giving birth to you cause I don't have the time for it!
  5. Ok let me get this straight for you real quick cause your dumb ass has no clue of what the fuck ur talking about. Cloth price is set 120kk+ so to unseal a set of a grade armor youll need almost 1 billion right? While someone can simply grind this cloths in 4-6 rifts. Fair right? Alright tell me now what the price is in shop for the talisman its close to the cost of 1k col or something like that's 10kkk adena. Brb y'all I'm gonna go grind 12kkk adena real fast.. FAIR RIGHT!? Let me suggest you take a sit and shut the fuck up.
  6. Not as big of an idiot as you.. so tell me you smarty wack fuck how else they gonna get cloths for a armor to unseal other than raid and rift or how the fuck else they can have a chance on a talisman that gives P. Atk. +200, M. Atk. +275, M. Damage Resistance +8%, Skill Power +3%, Resistance to All Weapons +3%, CON +1, MEN +1, STR +1, INT +1. P./ M. Critical Rate +10. Skill MP Consumption -4% like oh hello jejrbeusndbudb solo smoll clains is fooking unworthyli of dis! Muhaha *evil laugh* yells at mom for not getting his way at everything Um no thank you, a mindless fuck like you does not get to chose yet have an opinion, dude BYE!
  7. also if yall check probably all the people who support the open pvp zone already have the gear and just tryna make it more difficult for the rest lmao pathetic arrogance this shouldn't even be a debate between such a toxic community of arrogant twats, but INSTEAD it should be based into COMMON FUCKING SENSE! P E R I O D
  8. cliche u say but based on your second paragraphs misjudgment and previous posts it throws me off a bit, twatwafflewanker
  9. communism has nothing to do with this, dont just throw words around u fail to comprehend and if you wanna get political a commi would actually rather see the opposite happen than the rule of class or in this matter giving people the benefit for more in higher rank is bizarre to the parties ideology
  10. yes i agree solo players and new clanies should also have a chance on rift so please take in consideration this and make all toi a peaceful zone for the sake of newbies and solos, thanks
  11. give new comers a chance and fix the pvp zone at toi 11 and 4 makes no sense
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