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  1. 9 - We have a problem in clan Arena - only 40 members can enter (in 80 members) and only 40 boxes appear. There are a couple of boxes in wrong geodata places
  2. GZ for the smoth starter. So here the suggestion / problems that i collect from my clan: 1- Server files download at website all broken or impossible to download 2- Server votes all messed up (bannedserver) , topzone (impossible to register) 3- Manual donates in paypal its a 2000 thing ... 4- Lack of server advertisment everywhere ( facebook crucial) 5- That Talisman of baium in donate shop its to much p2w 6- The lack of showing clan members last login its a pain in the ass for clan leaders 7- Missing auto pvp events 8- The premium that you gave by the bonus of the registered clans clan in website didnt stakup with the bought ones (still w8ting to fix in vGames clan)
  3. 17 - A website Epics info with time to respawn and last time killed would be very helpfull for less experienced clans appear at pvp
  4. can you tell us the respawn times and window times pls ?
  5. we have 1 bil at beta version ,so ofc its enought ...
  6. You must blame who have the power to sell items , not the ones that get advantage of GMs weakness.
  7. Im not saying to remove it , im saying that mayve 2 % would be more userfrendly for the freeusers
  8. who are you random ?''?
  9. 16 - 4% xp loss on dead its way to much for a pvp server. Those who reach lvl 86 on other classic server know what im talking. For me i can deal pretty easy with that but we know how are the crybabes of these days. We want to make ppl go to pvp not to be afraid of it...
  10. i think 1kk adena its the minimun , or full no grade gear
  11. Would like to know the starting items and adena for a new character plz. Because atm if we start with 0 items and adena gonna be trully hard to buy C grade ... Example: lvl 20 char have 25k adena , Weapon D = 800k....
  12. because Lionna have almost the perfect setup, only missed the Gms ... In live we reach sucess by copy the good examples and try better...
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