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  1. 23 June Added 4 Jewels for Brooch Added Talisman of Eva
  2. 15 June Fixed manuscript skills "Blink", "Flash" Fixed WASD moving Weaked mobs Imperial Tomb Implemented auto Spoil/Sweep Implemented aut-buff for summons Fix stack XP/SP scrolls 45% castle and 100% * after restart
  3. 2 June Server Europa x5 merged to server Arena x20
  4. 24 May Patch updated: http://l2arena.club/en/download-files Added tp point to Forgotten Temple Restored Tactical Signs Fixed problem l2.exe with antiviruses
  5. Kamaels disabled
  6. 10 May Reduced rewpawn time for all mons (except Lady Elmoreden and Angel Amon) in ToI Decreased respawn time location Flower Garden, Death Pass Increased mobs amount locations Abaddoned Camp, Giats Cave (big rooms), Forsaken Plains, Silent Valley, War-Torn Plains, Plains of Glory, Fields of Massacre, Blizing Swamp, Ancient Battleground, Forest Of Evil, Skyshadow Meadow
  7. I sent broadcast ingame mail with tickets to all characters some days ago
  8. Arena server online!
  9. Wait 10 min, working
  10. 3 May Bonus Newsletter in the game. You can rename your character for free using the Rename Ticket.
  11. 1 May Server x 7 Europa merged to server x20 Arena Infinity
  12. 30 April Server x 10 Europa merged to server x20 Arena Infinity
  13. Version upgraded to Classic 3.3 (245) Download new Client and Patch
  14. Сервер обновлен до версии Classic 3.3 (245) Secret of Empire.
  15. Version upgraded to Classic 3.3 (245) Download new Client and Patch
  16. Привет что за чар?
  17. Изменения в фарме Серебряных Шиленов (Silver Shillien) Добавлен фарм с любыз мобов! (Мобы ниже 5 уровней от уровня персонажа в расчет не идут.)
  18. Changes for farm Silver Shiliens Added farm Silver Shilliens from any mobs (Mobs below 5 levels from the character level do not count.)
  19. Pls write me in discord, faster
  20. January 29 Updated patches http://l2arena.club/en/download-files
  21. January 29 L2Europa x15 merged to L2Arena x20. SERVER ONLINE Update: Updated mobs LoA (level up 196/228) Updated mobs Att locations (level down 196/228) Update droplist and explist for version 3.0 (196/228) Updated spawnlist att bonus mobs (more) Updated spawnlist Varka/Ketra (more)
  22. Tentatively we can update at the end of this week or the beginning of the next. This will not be a fully functional version - content updates will follow. We will need to fully form the patch and upload the client. The new version is fully operational at level 3.0 (196) and changes are underway in accordance with 3.3 (245) Ориентировочно можем обновить в конце этой недели или начале следующей. Это будет не полнофункциональная версия - далее пойдут обновления контента. Нам нужно будет полностью сформировать патч и залить клиент. Новая версия полностью рабочая на уровне 3.0(196) и идут изменения в соответствии с 3,3(245)
  23. Поддерживаем сервер все время. Наша мечта - очень долгий сервер. И сейчас она реальна. На сервер устанавливаются обновления и есть планы по слиянию.
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