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    eaving these areas in PVP mode, leaves no advantages for novice players, as the high lvl will kill everyone. I think I'd better rethink that choice.
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    Hello, i want to ask you if its possible to make these instancezones from 27 ppl to 18 bcs you can login just 2 windows per pc so there is no way for randoms to partipice also a lot of ppl staying on lvl 78 just bcs of 70 rbs they cant fight against bigger clan on 75 +rbs thanks We was waiting for server like yours Good job Team
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    Would be better keeping auto mana pots at this ranges (50-60%) instead of 90% or something. Too much waste keeping pots giving about 500 MP when they can give 1.5k MP.
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    remove death penalty exp loss , i know its premium feature and its not that hard to farm premium but still it discourage non-premium users to flag/pvp
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    SERVER ONLINE! You can get a bonus from NPC Roa (12 Runes for Exp +100%) Clans issued an extra bonus
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    May 15 Server under attack Start approximately at 22:30 GMT+02 All players will receive a bonus
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    Would like to know the starting items and adena for a new character plz. Because atm if we start with 0 items and adena gonna be trully hard to buy C grade ... Example: lvl 20 char have 25k adena , Weapon D = 800k....
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    https://www.instagram.com/lionnagm/ Share this instagram with your friends for some fun :))
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    No it's not, better to have full set and separate parts to buy , some people will enchant c grade like karmian gloves so if you fail you need to buy full set ?
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    Yes, fixed, effect after next restart Thanks
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    боже сколько агра, ты там кровью не подавился? как люди еще играют с таким дауном как ты
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    Ой завали а, сам там админу ныл что бы прем на клан дали, чепуха ебаная, прыгаешь по сервам как проститутка и 5и где ни чего из себя показать не можешь
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    Polish Guild www.forteca.org.pl https://www.facebook.com/fortecaorgpl/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/f0rteca/ We are Forteca over 15 years history. We are starting new winter season :) here Old guild and old players . If you are interested in joining - come to our Discord. https://discord.gg/YWH59p Let the fun begins :)
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    Всем привет.Будем здесь в 7 паков, есть набор активный в кланготовых пачек (желательно с донатом)вечерний праймСкайп мой: live:.cid.16891df3b2a1f7f
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    Dear Arena Players!!! New adventure unfolds on the newest Lineage II classic server. Please patiently wait to slowly reveal more about the Secret of Empire update! ● S Grade Equipment Get a hold of one of the finest equipment in game. Pick up your sets and draw your swords and shields and begin your battles in the Arena! ● Son of Baium, Frintezza The son of Baium, himself being responsible for a golden age in Elmoreden, comes to classic : Frintezza ! Gather up your guild members and call for the assistance of your allies to enter this instance dungeon and fight the most powerful boss. ● Skills are updated to better fit their class identity We are preparing to improve the each class by further enhancing the skill and characteristics of each class. Become more effective, and become a better warrior with skills that help you hunt and fight better ! ● New Hunting Zones Group and gather up a party to engage in the most epic party hunts in the Imperial Tomb. Get yourselves ready for the most anticipated update yet to becoming! See you all at the Arena!
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    Get ready for the ultimate journey! Join us as we take you through the evolution of Lineage 2 classic. We will re-introduce you to the original 2.0 Antharas where players will farm locations that feel like home until the next evolution is introduced. Antharas 2.0 (10 Days) We will begin our adventure at the origins of Classic 2.0 Antharas. You and your fellow adventurers will farm through Talking Island, Gludin, Gludio and beyond. Epic bosses like Antharas, Baium and the Queen Ant will be deep within their lair ready to challenge you and your group to the battle of a lifetime! Push forward in arms to grow strong up to a maximum of 80 level. Or, take your time and play with elpy outside Talking Island while you dip your toes in the water for a swim. This is your story and your journey begins here. Seven Signs (7 Days) New challenges and opportunities await! You will be able to master a completely new System of Attributes that is not similar to anything you have seen before and develop your Elemental Spirit, which will strengthen your attacking and defensive characteristics in hunting and in PvP! Goddard city is introduced alongside with several hunting zones for characters level 78 and higher: the good old Varka, Ketra, Hot Springs, the Garden of Beasts, and of course, unique natural locations where you can level your Elemental Spirits! Elemental Kings and Queens are already waiting for you in their lairs and ready to fight! Mighty creatures are incredibly strong, and even the most prepared group of players will have a tough time defeating them! Plunge into new Catacombs of Dark of Omens and Disciple’s Necropolis to challenge the bosses of the Seven Signs - Anakim and Lilith! A truly valuable reward will be awaiting you - special Anakim and Lilith Runes, worthy of only the most experienced players! As you continue your journey to greatness, you will find your abilities reach a limit at level 83. Latecomers to the game will still threaten your success as they seize the opportunity to catch up and defeat you. Beware of your foes development and focus on your goals to rule the land! Secret of Empire 2.9 (Full Release) The Imperial Prince Frintezza is the son of Emperor Baium. Challenge Frintezza and face off against his demonic minions and the Prince’s champion, Scarlet van Halisha. Scarlett van Halisha is notorious for charging into a fight and can take on multiple forms. Adventurers will need to employ a variety of strategies to defeat him. 11 S-Grade weapons, 3 S-Grade armor sets, and 3 S-Grade accessories will be added to the game. You can obtain them through upgrading A-Grade equipment or via crafting recipes. The Attribute System provides additional attack or defense bonuses through elemental properties. These bonuses are applicable to both PvE and PvP. The attributes are divided into four properties: fire, water, wind and earth, and are managed in the form of an elemental spirit. This system can be used at Level 76 with the completion of the Third Class transfer. Hunt in the attribute elemental property hunting zones to level your elemental spirit. The elemental hunting zones are: Hunting Zone Attribute Attribute XP Earned Forge of the Gods Fire Water Garden of Eva Water Earth Land of Winds Wind Fire Wall of Argos Earth Wind These hunting zones will also have special raid bosses that have a chance to drop spirit necklaces and can be defeated 10 times to earn a spirit Agathion. Join with your clanmates to enter special instances for epic bosses and clan arena! Your path to dominate the land is vast and your enemies are plenty. Fight your way to the top and make your legacy one for the ages! See you on the battlefield of L2Arena! Launching August 23rd, 2019
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    im guessing it gives you crit depending on your BASE crit 66 crit song of hunter = 132 (100%) 66 crit + 25 (odal 1 ) = 91 = 157 crit --> (66*2)+25
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    Hey. 1) Client for evolution stages 2.9 2) The maximum level will be blocked 3) Spawn NPC / Mobs / RB will correspond to the version of the evolutionary stage 4) There will be no changes in skills and balance
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    The Gods' Game, Part 1 By: Liz Inverse A spurned Dark Elven woman seeks to take revenge on the god that impregnated her. Little does she know that she's only the first pawn in a game that could mean the end of the world. Written by a former player from Sieghardt, from the MMORPG Lineage II. Prologue "Great Mother of the Abyss..." a young voice whimpered in the darkness, "please hear the plea of your devoted faith-daughter." The young dark elf, named only Synshlee, kneeled to the floor, her tear-streaked face rising up to look at the statue representing her cardinal goddess. The hardened gaze of the bound Hierarch Mitarell was the only thing that looked upon her as she once again bowed. He stood in silence, secretly wondering what could be troubling a young dark elf so much to the point where she stayed in prayer for hours, showing emotions that dark elves were traditionally never supposed to openly show to anyone. He sighed and shifted slightly, the only movement that the cursed seal upon him would allow, before feeling the statue behind him shudder slightly. A shiver passed through him, and his vision suddenly became dark. "What would bring a child such as you to my presence for unrelenting hours upon end?" a strong female voice suddenly boomed through the temple. Synshlee's head snapped up and she looked up to the statue, her eyes wide. The voice was coming from the Hierarch's mouth, but was unmistakably the voice of Shilen, although she had never heard Shilen's voice before. Synshlee bowed low once more, her forehead touching the cold stone floor. "Please, oh great Shilen," she began, shivering with fear, "I was visited and wooed by your brother Sayha who disguised himself as a Dark Elf, as one of your beloved creation-children, and has left his seed within me which has begun to grow. Once he discovered my pregnancy he revealed himself and disappeared, abandoning me, spitting upon me and insulting my weakness. Please oh great Mother..please help your lowly child..." she pleaded, her voice cracking with fresh tears. There was a small stretch of silence, and then came the noise of Shilen's amused scoff. It was not the reaction Synshlee had expected, and she raised her head quickly to stare at the statue, tears streaming from her eyes. "So my brother wishes to follow in our father's footsteps. What shame he brings to my cursed mother Einhasad." she mused to herself. To Synshlee she said, "You chose your path when you allowed yourself to be seduced by a stranger. No pity shall you receive from me, as I received none when my father abandoned me after completing his lust." "But... what shall I do?" Synshlee asked, her voice thick, "I risk the wrath of Einhasad herself... she will surely destroy all of the dark elves in retaliation... I did nothing to deserve this!" "Surely. But neither did I." Shilen stated almost sadly, her voice fading. Hierarch Mitarell's eyes suddenly lit back to life and he shook his head, as if clearing the remains of Shilen's presence from him. He focused again on Synshlee, who was slowly pushing herself to her feet, sniffling loudly. "Finally give up?" he asked her in his sharp voice. Synshlee nodded dully, and turned without a word. Unaware of what had just transcended, the Hierarch watched her leave, feeling confusion but not allowing himself to show it. Nine months later, Synshlee lay tied to the birthing bed, her small body wracked in pain as she gave birth to something she feared. Carrying the child of a lesser god became a frightening experience for the teen, as the effects of its forming power began to do strange things to her body. She seemed immune to sickness or injury. Her skin began to look healthy again, like the tree-dwellers. Those around her whispered that she was never one of them to begin with, just a bewitched spy for the light elves. Others were afraid of her seeming newfound immortal status. Synshlee wanted to be rid of this child, and quickly, so life may return back to what it had been before she had ever laid eyes on the disguised god. Much like Shilen, as she gave birth she cursed Sayha for the insult of leaving her with his spawn. And she cursed Shilen for her own bitterness. There was a final, burning pain, and then the sounds of a baby crying. "It's a girl!' the midwife proclaimed, cleaning off the new baby. She laid the baby in a bassinet at the end of Synshlee's bed, untied Synshlee, and rushed out. Superstitions had evolved that, if one remained in Synshlee's room, one might become cursed. Synshlee lay on her back, her head turned to stare at the wall beside her, trying to ignore the cries of her newborn. She didn't want it. She wanted the frightful thing to disappear. A tear escaped her eye, as she knew it wouldn't be long now before Einhasad discovered the child. Being half-god, it had to be emanating some sort of power. Synshlee suddenly returned from her thoughts and realized the child had stopped crying. She pushed herself to a sit quickly, maternal instinct worrying for the health of the baby despite herself. What she saw, however, was not what she expected. Seated quite peacefully at the end of her bed, was what she instinctively knew to be Shilen herself. Her chest was bare, and she was breast-feeding the tiny infant Synshlee had just birthed. This form was most likely not her true form, being a goddess meant she could appear however she pleased. This form resembled something of an elf, but she had a more human-like face than the dainty quality elves had. Her skin was white, with a light green tint, like that of the ocean, the only reminder that she had once been the goddess of water. Her hair was long and black, and spilled past her waist and pooled on the bed like it were made of black water itself. "S...Shilen...?" Synshlee darely bared to whisper. She knew that it was blasphemy to see the goddess, one such as herself, as she had just cursed her not moments before. She knew she should be bowed low, her eyes diverted, but she couldn't bring herself to move. Upon hearing her name, Shilen took her eyes off the baby and looked at Synshlee. Her pupils, large and dilated, slitted as their eyes met, like a snakes. The effect made Synshlee inwardly shiver. She sighed and looked back at the baby, who was still nursing. "So you curse me?" she asked, her voice low. It was not booming and harsh like it had been in the temple this time, rather, smooth and comforting like a cold stone to hot skin. "I can not give blame to you though, I know how it must feel." She stood, cradling the baby, and walked to the bassinet. "You're going to take the child from me? Synshlee asked, not masking the hope in her voice. Shilen looked at her evenly, her gaze hard. Synshlee felt like disappearing under that gaze. She knew that was a question she should not have uttered. "When I said you chose your path, I did mean it." she said, her voice even. "But..." She laid the baby down gently, "...my foolish brother should have taken care to not involve my creation-children in his silly affairs. He has his own race he could destroy with foolish actions, I won't allow him to bring the wrath of our cursed mother to mine." There was a flash of light and suddenly the cries of two babies filled the room. Shilen stood again, holding a pink-skinned light elf baby. "I have split the child into two separate entities. The division of power should seal any god-like abilities this child would have otherwise developed, and my cursed mother shall never know of this child's existence, or the faltering of my brother's will. Rest easy, and take care of the half-child I have left you. She will grow and be accepted as one of your race." Shilen's form began to disappear like smoke from a dying fire, taking the other baby with her. "But...what will you do with..." Synshlee managed to ask, looking at the baby in Shilen's arms. Shilen disappeared then with a mysterious smile. "Worry not and just live as you would" was the last thing Synshlee heard.
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    The Gods' Game Part 2 By: Liz Inverse The game of the Gods continues 40 years after Synshlee's game ends. Now the focus is on Sharmin, a Human who, at first glance is plain and not very talented, even with a sword, but fate will send her on the Paladin path, and into the gods' game. Prologue (40 Years after Synshlee's Death) She was born during the night, a violent storm raging above the shining city of Aden. Her mother was a Priestess, her father, a Priest. She was a taboo child, as those devoted fully to the teachings of Einhasad were to give up such base desires. Ashamed at them, the head Bishop separated the two, sending the father away from the church and hiding the mother away from prying eyes during her pregnancy. The priestess cried out from around the bite wood the nun midwife had placed in her mouth, the thunder following her voice and drowning out the cries of the baby as she came forth to the world. The Bishop blessed the child as she was cleaned, and she was rushed from the house by the nun midwife and out the city gates. Huddled by a cart waited a poor farmer and his wife, the nun placing the still-crying babe in the wife's arms. The farmer then snapped his oxen to move, and they hurried away from Aden, lest they be seen. The priestess, left alone now in the little house, secretly named her baby, and wept, as the child would never know that name. The name she would know, however, would be "Sharmin".
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    in just 2 weeks L2areon will fall and everyone will return to your server. The main thing that would correct the above errors
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    May 31 Free Premium to 10 June !!!
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    Pls make a chat restriction for chars under level 52 or something, no one can read chat at night, only adena seller spams, it gives the server a cheap look :/.
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    I count on your presence. #Guuurlll https://twitch.tv/corujito
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    Are you autistic? Cause why the fuck is it so hard for you to grasp how unfair this is into your soft brain? Who wants to grind 10kkk adena for talisman/cloth and something that is easy to obtain by people who already have the gear, you give newbies a huge gap of growth..PLEASE tell your monkey brain to shut the fuck up.
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    May 25 Increase Box to 3 (3 l2 client per computer)
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    Dont you thinking about add Skin donate ? It will be more income for you. Skin didnt influence the gamplay
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    I think the same, it would be enough to get the bad eye on everyone and get PK by their shitty ally, but i don't think it's right to retrieve the items i picked. But you know, it's better to get happy an entire ally than a single player.
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    Even though he stole from my clan, I agree that bad faith should be a part of the game, it's just social interactions that always mattered in l2, so let's keep it anyway!
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    May 18 Recreated new RU Proxy (will work after restart)
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    and lets say you died 5 times, wth you need 12 100% 2h xp bonus boxes, why not 2 or 3 how is that any fair to new comers who experience the same issues explain pls
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    Yep. 7 1/2 hours from now!
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    Epic Bosses have 80 level Queen Ant Core Orfen Zaken Chance to drop an Epic Jewelry 100% Added special drop - dolls Baium, Antharas - Doll of Border - Baium 30 Days, chance 100% Queen Ant - Doll of Border - Queen Ant 30 Days, chance 20% Orfen - Doll of Border - Orfen 30 Days, chance 30%
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    STICKY MA BOYHH !!! wassup
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    there is no possibility to buy a separate item (((
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    You must blame who have the power to sell items , not the ones that get advantage of GMs weakness.
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    with 1kk adena minimum at start someone can easy make 100 chars and make 100kk. its better to give us top none grade items(and even if is possible a box with 1 day D grade)
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    starting items for wimps
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    I hope he gives us top ng from start. Ute a 15x not 1x. Grind on classic starts åt 79 not lvl 1
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    did they have phone donations back in 1950? if u gona flame make it good flames u stupid fuck
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    will the advertise start? also we can't vote on hopzone / topzone
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    We will definitely conduct daily activities. For example: Deathmatch Arena, TvT Arena. These will also be your favorite Event Classical Squash, Bananavent events. Description of events we will soon publish on the forum. Schedule, see the game .events
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