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  1. Last week
  2. U can attack only self pumkin
  3. Need unpack Helmet to type Robe. Same Blacksmith or Alt+B -> Blacksmith
  4. Шлем нужно распаковать бесплатно там же у Кузнеца в тип Роба
  5. 2 August Cumulative updates Added minion to Ketra Commaner(21862) Fix panel - show exp boost Fix definitions Elemental Spirit in PvE Implement "White Guardian Transformation" to all classes expect Kamaels Slightly enlarged mDef for mobs in LoA Fixed damage archers in LoA
  6. Earlier
  7. I have Dark Crystal Helmet but set doesn't work. https://ibb.co/5GQ1y1H https://ibb.co/Nrz5gGT
  8. hello. we have a problem with pumkin event, we can't attack pumpkin, just got a chat with him :(
  9. Шлем не дает сет бонуса в дк маг сете. Как это можно пофиксить?
  10. 16 July Server Europa x7 merged to Arena!
  11. Здарова, какая-то фигня с ла2, первый раз с таким стыкаюсь, скачал клиент, поставил патч, зашёл и вот такая фигня. Может кто знает в чём проблема?
  12. 23 June Added 4 Jewels for Brooch Added Talisman of Eva
  13. 15 June Fixed manuscript skills "Blink", "Flash" Fixed WASD moving Weaked mobs Imperial Tomb Implemented auto Spoil/Sweep Implemented aut-buff for summons Fix stack XP/SP scrolls 45% castle and 100% * after restart
  14. 2 June Server Europa x5 merged to server Arena x20
  15. 24 May Patch updated: http://l2arena.club/en/download-files Added tp point to Forgotten Temple Restored Tactical Signs Fixed problem l2.exe with antiviruses
  16. Kamaels disabled
  17. Hello! I wonder if it is possible to breed the Kamael breed? I tried to create and I couldn't.
  18. 10 May Reduced rewpawn time for all mons (except Lady Elmoreden and Angel Amon) in ToI Decreased respawn time location Flower Garden, Death Pass Increased mobs amount locations Abaddoned Camp, Giats Cave (big rooms), Forsaken Plains, Silent Valley, War-Torn Plains, Plains of Glory, Fields of Massacre, Blizing Swamp, Ancient Battleground, Forest Of Evil, Skyshadow Meadow
  19. I sent broadcast ingame mail with tickets to all characters some days ago
  20. Step 1 create 1 character lvl1 step 2 to submit the name ticket but I couldn't find the place to submit the name ticket. Where to pay tickets?
  21. Arena server online!
  22. Wait 10 min, working
  23. что с сервером? не могу зайти
  24. Hi Admin ! Today May 5, 2020 after resetting the server, I logged in to the farm game for 30 minutes and could not log in to the game.
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