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  2. 25 November Tradable patch Bracelet open talisman slots same lvl. 1 -> 1, 2 -> 2 ... 6 -> 6 Bracelet lvl 5-6 tradable Talisman of Aden +7 and higher Talisman of Eva +7 and higher Talisman of Speed +7 and higher Jewels for Brooch 3+ lvl
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  4. Hi. On this server there is no D grade and part of the C grade weapon for Kamael? I checked the shop and all the local shops, there are no ancient swords and D-grade rapiers anywhere. And two-handed c-grade for change.
  5. 5 November Cumulative updates: Fix display of Life stones in the trade on items Fixed action skill "Blessing of Protection" (5182) for pets / summons Auto Hunt - Improved for Summoners Auto Hunt - Added Minner Mode Fixed Venir's Talisman Lv.24
  6. 25 October Changes: Castle owner cleaned (my mistake with merge) Registration for the Siege ends 2 hours before the start of the Siege
  7. this was solved on discord
  8. Greetings admins, after the merge of l2europa and l2arena I lost 2 months of premium account status, it was due to run out the 30th of december 2020, says the 30th of october right now, is this a common bug from the transition or just my account that has encountered it? I have receipts from donations on paypal if needed my account name is j0hann35 Thank you for helping me
  9. 23 October Merged l2europa X7 -> Arena X20 Version Classic updated from 4.0 to 4.5 newest! Download new client and patch https://l2arena.club/en/download-files
  10. 21 October Merge moved to 22-23 October Merge with l2europa x7 planned to 22-23 Oct. Server will be update to version Classic 4.5
  11. 20 October Cumulative fixlist from 2 Aug Updated auto-farm Update auto-use buffs Tune bow crit with skills Fix Tvt engine Updated chat icons (Rank, Castle owning) Updated version to Classic 4.0 with race Kamael fixed effects Disarm weapon and Disarm Armor More small fixes and improvements
  12. 20 October Merge with l2europa x7 planned to 21 Oct. Server will be update to version Classic 4.5
  13. Решено. Я на форуме не целый день. Прошу писать в дискорде в ПМ если есть вопросы
  14. нашли админа через дискорд он помог спасибо вам за помощь
  15. Знакомый сказал что не заходит если вписывать 0731
  16. Попробуйте тот же аккаунт, но в конце цифры 0731
  17. Здравствуйте возникла проблема. знакомый по сделал акаунт на л2европа когда нас перевели на этот сервер оказалось что он на л2арена когдато играл. Помогите разделить арену и европу ему возжнее акаунт с европы
  18. Подскажите где создавать тему, для изменения ника в игре (бесплатно за купон)
  19. 9 September Server Europa x8 merged with Arena x20. Postfix for characters with same name 0731 Postfix for new accounts - if fill to 7 character, 0731
  20. 1 September Premium no FREE, cost setup to Shilens in Alt+B
  21. U can attack only self pumkin
  22. Need unpack Helmet to type Robe. Same Blacksmith or Alt+B -> Blacksmith
  23. Шлем нужно распаковать бесплатно там же у Кузнеца в тип Роба
  24. 2 August Cumulative updates Added minion to Ketra Commaner(21862) Fix panel - show exp boost Fix definitions Elemental Spirit in PvE Implement "White Guardian Transformation" to all classes expect Kamaels Slightly enlarged mDef for mobs in LoA Fixed damage archers in LoA
  25. I have Dark Crystal Helmet but set doesn't work. https://ibb.co/5GQ1y1H https://ibb.co/Nrz5gGT
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