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X15 Classic 2.9 Secret of Empire - OLD (Arena+Europa)

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<L2 Arena Presents --- Lineage 2 Classic 2.9 Secret of Empire>

The Most Anticipated Server To Be Coming. International & Friendly Community. Expected 3000+ Population. Daily Events, Siege Rewards, Constant PvPs, 100% Server Stability and most importantly, Long-term Project. 

Our Advantages:
1) Bringing the most genuine official-like classic experience
2) Made from 100% self-developments and from thorough communications with developers
3) Multi-Character access from just ONE account

Server Rates:
Exp / Sp - x15
Exp / Sp RaidBoss - x3.0
Adena - x10
Drop rate - x1
Spoil chance - x2
Quest Rates Exp / Sp - x25
Aden quest rates - x10

2nd & 3rd class change : Purchased with adena from Alt+b Shop 

Premium Account (PA) Bonuses: 
Exp / SP + 50%
Adena x1.2
Drop rate x1.2, count of x1
Spoil chance x2, count x1
Drop with RB chance x1.2, count x1
Drop from Epic chance x1.2, count x1
Fishing +2 window with 1 computer
Quest Adena x1.2
Quest Expp / SP x1.2
Exp lost 0% (without Premium 4%)

Restriction on windows - Up to 2 windows per computer
Fishing - limit 2 windows per computer

Server Features :

Secret of Empire 3.0. The most anticipated chronicle yet to be coming. 

- 100% working bot protect system and captchas
- Full S Grade Weapon/Armor , New hunting zones - Imperial Tomb & Four Sepulchers, New Epic Raidboss - Frintezza, and many more exciting features will be coming to L2 Arena! 
- Daily Automated TvT Events with massive rewards and PvP
- Farmable Silver Shillen to purchase all the finest goods from Alt+b Shop. 
- Siege through many clans to claim the thrones of your desired castles, Castle owners comes with donation rewards!
- Daily Login Bonuses and Rewards
- Vote Reward System
- Clan can have up to 80 players
- PvP Zones at all lv 70+ Raidbosses 
- C grades and teleports to hunting zones available at Alt+B shop
- Full 2 Hours buffs available 
- Competitive Olympiad matches for Weekly Heroes, announced on every Sunday 12:00 GMT+02!
- Active and friendly GMs to provide the best player supports

Get your swords and shields ready for the most immense battle in classic history. See you at the Arena!

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