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  1. Relax, he deals more than 10k on me and i'm sph.
  2. I can smell the hate from too far with this.
  3. Disable every chat and enable the & chat with a limit of usage per person. Problem solved.
  4. He's botting on eoi like a bitch but je won't gonna admit it. Just saw a seller who sells 50+ EOI. i'ts just ridiculous.
  5. Moron, i'm just using a cliché if you don't get it... Like vodka putin etc, you got it now ? Russtards community has always been a cancer, no matter which game. Just look on dota, LoL or even better, CSGO.
  6. Y'all love to be ruled by russians communists who explodes themselves the server's economy right ? (Sarcasm)
  7. Well, there are some solo players who is in a clan full of cp (like me) and i cant get a toi talisman, and when i see all those blue glowing hands ...
  8. Just give a rune that gives some stats for pve/pvp for 12 hours and everyone will be happy @Admin
  9. Enchant armor and weapon is a terrible idea, there are ppl that use vpn or change hwid to vote multiple times , it would break the economy even more than actually !
  10. 40 minutes isnt enough imo
  11. Some change will be made about this @haffnio , i discussed with the admin about that. A cloth piece that costs more than 200kk is absolutely ridiculous.
  12. @Admin do something, it's mandatory for a server nowadays
  13. Let's start a fresh topic to share our musical taste ! I listen to this when i'm farming:
  14. I'd like to do a tattoo of batman symbol aswell the Ghost Hunter class on my arms, but my gf find it ridiculous hahaha
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