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  1. Mate, tell me you char name, i will return Rune
  2. Hello Did you unpack the runes?
  3. December 9 Server maintenance 10:00 - 11:00 GMT+02 (Server offline)
  4. About kidding developer https://maxcheaters.com/topic/230804-report-l2remorse-fabio-for-scam/
  5. Yes, fixed, effect after next restart Thanks
  6. Please tell me what level is your character?
  7. November 28 Important update The reset of all instances is set at 6:30 on Wednesday and Saturday! Fixed key binding Skills: Vampiric works for all types of damage: near, far, magical and physical skills (2.9.5)
  8. Конечно я не против!
  9. Fixed, after next restart
  10. November 26 Server maintenance 09:30-10:00 GMT+02
  11. Hello. Added to balance. You can buy COLs ingame Alt+B -> Buy Coin of Luck Refresh -> Buy ty
  12. November 25 Shop: added Improved enchant scrolls, Varnish Minor fixes
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