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  2. About kidding developer https://maxcheaters.com/topic/230804-report-l2remorse-fabio-for-scam/
  3. Some Skills that have the symbol Auto Use Skill do not automatically cast at all. For example the skill Servitor Share, Final Servitor of Phantom Summoner class. Only the skill Spirit Share works properly. Please kindly have a look at this problem. Thank you.
  4. Yes, fixed, effect after next restart Thanks
  5. My level is 80. I'm a Phantom summoner. Does the problem occur because I kill monster with my servitor?
  6. Please tell me what level is your character?
  7. My Daily hunting (Level 76 or higher) and all the Hunting guide quests do not work. I kill hundreds of monster, all of them meet the required quest, but the quests do not count right. For example I killed thousands of Wind monster, but the quest only displays 86/700 for 2 days straight. Please help. My toon name is Jeanne. I play on the new classic server. And all other toons of mine do not seem to have this problem.
  8. Earlier
  9. November 28 Important update The reset of all instances is set at 6:30 on Wednesday and Saturday! Fixed key binding Skills: Vampiric works for all types of damage: near, far, magical and physical skills (2.9.5)
  10. Hello all its me first movies .if you play this server w8 me in chat and you give good gifts) these are gifts for the new year) всем привет. это первые ролики с подарками. не пропустите их будет много. если ты играешь тут жди меня в чате и получишь хорошие призы Поехали) с вас лайки с меня подарки your like me gifts^^
  11. Конечно я не против!
  12. Если админ не против?
  13. NpcName_Classic-ru.zip Вот вроде норм лвл,название мобов и агр
  14. Fixed, after next restart
  15. November 26 Server maintenance 09:30-10:00 GMT+02
  16. Hello. Added to balance. You can buy COLs ingame Alt+B -> Buy Coin of Luck Refresh -> Buy ty
  17. Not solved, have same problem(
  18. Hi GM, I donate 10$ but I forgot the input account to donate. Could you help to add my donation to account Jetruaoe? My paypal transaction ID: Transaction ID 5C037979C3717870W
  19. November 25 Shop: added Improved enchant scrolls, Varnish Minor fixes
  20. Fixed, after restart
  21. Тотем тира 79 лвла "Тотемный дух ястреба". в описании время действия 20 минут, а когда бафаешь то только 5 минут. Можно это исправить?)
  22. If you have client 196 protocol - no. if Classic 2.9 or Kamael - need download client
  23. need download new client?
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